Welcome to the Anthurium Club!

Anthurium Club is an offshoot of Toronto-based home goods store Merchant of York. At Merchant of York we offer a curated selection of unique houseplants that you don't find in big box stores and grocery markets. As we started attracting plant lovers from across the city, we were receiving more and more requests for plants that are harder to find. Our customers trust that they will receive healthy plants from us and we are happy to undertake the work needed to bring them into Canada. After much research, making contacts with growers and securing import permits, Anthurium Club was born!

We want the Anthurium Club to be Canada's go to for those rare plants you just have to have. We want to offer a selection of plants that aren't currently available to Canadians. Shipping plants across borders can be tricky business and we reduce the risk for our customers by taking care of all the challenges associated with importing plants.

Thank you for checking out our site! As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch. And yes, we do take requests 😁.